New virtual tools and innovative benefits helped Rhode Islanders gain more control over their own health and well-being.

Customer Convenience

Accelerating the use of telehealth

Before the pandemic, we saw a steady rise in the number of members taking advantage of telehealth, which allowed them to get medical care via video or phone. But during the pandemic—especially in the spring when doctors’ offices were closed—telehealth helped our members get care at a safe social distance.

visits in 2020
Woman smiling
of telehealth visits in 2020 were for behavioral health services
increase in use of telehealth since 2019
How we encouraged the use of telehealth:
  • Covered services at 100% for BCBSRI Doctors Online, which offers 24/7 care as well as scheduled therapy and psychiatry visits*
  • Covered services at 100% for in-network providers, including primary care providers, specialists, and behavioral health providers
  • Reimbursed providers for more telehealth services
* Some employers do not offer Doctors Online to their employees.
Customer Convenience

Bringing Your Blue Store into homes

At our store locations, one of the most popular perks was free fitness classes. We offered dozens each week, and members often came early to socialize before the class.

The stores are open, with COVID-19 protocols in place, to answer members' questions. But since we stopped offering in-person fitness classes due to the pandemic, we wanted to give our members another way to stay fit and connect with each other. Our solution was to offer fitness classes live on Facebook. They were so well received that we soon produced a different class every weekday and even introduced live workshops on healthy living. Since these classes are available on Facebook, they can help all Rhode Islanders (and people living anywhere) to be healthier.

To help our BCBSRI Medicare Advantage members take advantage of their health and wellness benefits during the pandemic, we mailed them information about the Facebook classes and a no-cost fitness kit that included resistance bands, a water bottle, and a towel.

BCBSRI Medicare Advantage members received a home fitness kit
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Try a class
classes offered in 2020
average views per fitness video
Family Exercise
Thank you for these classes!
We soooo need them.
BCBSRI member
Customer Convenience

Making healthcare easier for Medicare members

In 2020, our members took advantage of the enhanced benefits available through BCBSRI Medicare Advantage plans, such as $0 transportation to doctors’ appointments, $0 meal delivery after hospitalization, $0 generic drugs, and a quarterly over-the-counter benefit.

The Net Promoter Score—a measure of member satisfaction—for our Medicare Advantage plans was 65 compared to a healthcare industry average of 19. We offered these same benefits, plus more, for 2021.

member retention during the 2021 Annual Enrollment Period for Medicare
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Find out more about our enhanced Medicare Advantage benefits.
Medicare Image
The over-the-counter benefit (OTC) … has been extremely helpful especially during this pandemic. I did not need to leave my house to get needed CVS products. And it is nice that it is all free, no delivery charge. Can’t wait for next quarter’s order.
B. Carl
Medicare member
Customer Convenience

Delivering free groceries to high-risk Medicare members

To help older Rhode Islanders stay safe and healthy at home, BCBSRI delivered weekly groceries at no cost to 2,000+ high-risk Medicare Advantage members starting in December.

These free groceries include staples like milk, eggs, fruits and vegetables, cheese, pasta, bread, toilet paper, paper towels, hand sanitizer, and other essential items. Whenever possible, groceries were sourced from local farms and vendors, which supported nine Rhode Island small businesses.

BCBSRI partnered with West Warwick-based Millonzi Fine Catering. They were able to hire several people who recently lost their jobs as a result of COVID-19. Our members were so enthusiastic about the program that we extended it into 2021.

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Hear from a senior who received (and loved) the grocery deliveries
Thank you for sending groceries to us seniors confined to our homes. My first delivery of food was chosen well, very healthy, and delicious. I have been a member of BCBSRI since I retired some 20 years ago and have been very pleased with the service your company has provided me all these years.
Medicare member
Customer Convenience

Giving members more control

In 2020, we rolled out a new online experience for members: myBCBSRI. Now when members log in, they can view and make changes to many more elements of their plan. They gain easy access to their digital ID cards, electronic documents, claim status, and benefit information.

They also can:
  • Choose how they want to receive communications about their plan
  • See previous questions they’ve asked us, whether it was online, on the phone, or in person at Your Blue StoreSM
  • Select or update their primary care provider (PCP)
  • Find personalized costs for office visits, tests, and procedures
  • Review all their benefits—medical, dental, or vision
  • Learn how to earn rewards for healthy activities
  • View and pay their premiums
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Customer Convenience

See how we helped our customers and our community

By The Numbers

Our financial performance in 2020 allowed us to create a premium relief program of almost $30 million for medical and dental customers. We also contributed $10 million to our donor-advised fund at the Rhode Island Foundation, used for philanthropic investments like our BlueAngel Community Health grants focused on safe and affordable housing. The after-tax net gain of $42 million was driven by several factors: strong enrollment, a final installment of a federal tax refund, and lower-than-expected medical claims during the first half of the year as members deferred non-COVID-19-related care.

Overall Profit/Loss

For the fourth consecutive year, we have shown positive financial results, allowing us to contribute $42 million into reserves, money we set aside for the protection of all our members to pay future claims.


Statutory Reserves

In 2020, statutory reserves that we held for the protection of our members totaled $416 million at year end.

Statutory Reserves as of 12/31/2020

Total Revenue $1,716,003,000

In 2020, we recorded $1.70 billion in premiums from members (individuals and employers). We also recorded an $8.8 million gain on investment revenue.

Premium Revenue
+ $8,760,000
Investment Revenue
Total Revenue
Numbers may not add up due to rounding.

Total Expenses $1,673,582,000

From total revenue, $1.40 billion was used for medical and dental claims for our members. This amount accounted for 82.2% of premium revenue collected. The company spent $232.2 million (including premium taxes) on expenses to support the core operations of our business, or 13.6% of premiums. An additional $74.3 million was spent on other expenses, including $33.6 million on assessments required by the Affordable Care Act. The company also recorded a $36.3 million offset to expenses for the final installment of the Federal Tax Refund.

Payments to Providers
+ $232,177,000
Administrative Expenses
+ $74,291,000
Other Expenses
- $36,258,000
Federal Tax Refund
Total Expenses
Numbers may not add up due to rounding.

Net Gain $42,421,000

Overall, total revenue stood at just over $1.71 billion, and expenses exceeded $1.67 billion in 2020, resulting in a net gain of $42.4 million.


This formulation represents unaudited results utilizing Statutory Accounting Principles. The Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association licenses Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island to offer certain products and services under the Blue Cross and Blue Shield brand names. Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island is an independent organization governed by its own Board of Directors and solely responsible for its own debts and other obligations. Neither the Association nor any other organization using the Blue Cross and Blue Shield brand names acts as a guarantor of Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island’s obligations. A copy of Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island’s most recent financial statements is available on request to: Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island, 500 Exchange Street, Providence, RI 02903.